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Avoid Roadblocks When Applying For Disability For A Back Condition

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A significant back injury can be more than a nuisance. This injury can impact every facet of your life, including your ability to earn a living. In this scenario, a natural course of events would be to apply for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration, SSA. Yet, all applicants must understand that this is not an easy process. Learn about some of the potential roadblocks in the approval process, so you can avoid them.

Limited Diagnosis

Few people, if any, can argue with the fact that most people know their bodies better than anyone else. For disability claims, this thought process sometimes causes an issue because some applicants have the expectation that the SSA will simply take their word, but the opposite is the case.

To avoid a roadblock, not only do you need to have a diagnosis specifying the back condition, but you also need the provider to specify the symptoms of the injury that prevent you from working as part of the diagnosis. This thorough assessment is considered an objective diagnosis that provides the review board with everything they need. 

One and Done Approach

Medical advancements have been responsible for several back pain relief options now available for patients. For a smoother application process, you may not necessarily need to try each of these available treatments, but it is sometimes recommended that you try a few of these options, especially if your healthcare provider suggests you do.

Failing to at least try a treatment method that may restore your activity shows the review board that you have exhausted efforts to try to regain your life and ability to work, and that they did not work, and you need help.

Intermittent Care/Treatment

The process for disability payment approvals is not a short one. In fact, it is not unheard of for some people to wait years for a decision. An important thing to keep in mind about the application process is that medical records can, and will, be requested by the SSA over the course of the review process, and even beyond approval.

Whether it is physical therapy, pain injections, or regular physician exams, you must continue to undergo treatment. Continuing treatment shows the SSA the back injury is still active, whereas ceasing treatment gives the illusion that you are all better. 

For a smoother disability claim process for your back pain, consider partnering with a Social Security law firm that can help you throughout the entire approval process.