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Six Things You Shouldn't Assume When You Need The Services Of A Special Education Lawyer

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It can be difficult for parents to determine how to best meet the educational needs of their child if they have reason to believe that their child may need special education. A special education lawyer can be very helpful in ensuring that students get the special education resources and attention they need that are appropriate to their needs. 

Unfortunately, parents sometimes assume too quickly that they don't need a special education lawyer in their situation. The following are six things you shouldn't assume when you need the services of a special education lawyer. 

You have to wait to make changes to your child's Individualized Education Program (IEP)

During the school year, you might become aware that your child's existing IEP should be changed to best meet your child's educational needs.

Some parents assume that changes can't be made to a child's IEP until the next school year. Fortunately, it's often possible to make changes to an IEP during the school year to ensure that your child's needs are being met as effectively as possible. 

Your child will have to wait for special education services

You might have heard that there's a waiting list for special education services in your school district. However, you should know that you should always be able to get special education services in a timely manner with the assistance of a special education lawyer. 

You don't need a special education lawyer

Don't assume that a special education lawyer's services won't be necessary for your situation. While not all parents with a student in special education need a lawyer, many will find that a lawyer specializing in special education representation can help their child realize his or her full potential in school. 

You can't get any special education services for your child that aren't offered by your school district

A special education lawyer can help you to get educational services for your child that aren't already offered by your school district. If your school district doesn't offer needed special education services, you may be able to get them from a neighboring school district or through other means with your lawyer's assistance. 

You can't get special education services during the summer

Special education services are offered year-round in many school districts. You shouldn't assume that you can't take advantage of the services your child receives during the school year during the summer months as well. 

Your child has no choice but to be placed in an alternative educational setting

If you have been told by your school district that your child can no longer attend a regular classroom with non-disabled children, it's a good idea to consult a special education lawyer. There are only very limited scenarios in which a school district can force your child to be placed in a special education or alternative educational setting.