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Car Accident Attorney: Injured During Ridesharing

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If you're injured as a passenger on a ridesharing trip, figuring out the liability can be tricky. Working with a car accident lawyer can help turn your nightmare ridesharing experience into an opportunity to collect the damages you need to get healthy again.

Here are some steps you should consider if you're injured during a ridesharing trip.

Gather Facts

Because you aren't the driver in the ridesharing accident, many of the pertinent facts about the incident will be shared with you. However, to build a strong case, your car accident lawyer will need as much information as possible to actualize potential damages.


Liability, fault, names, descriptions, and other facts will be dictated by police and insurance reports. Because you aren't the driver and might have had to leave the scene before the report(s) was generated, you might be left with the prospect of asking your ridesharing driver to share the information with you. If you can connect with your driver, it's important to ask for a copy of the police report, the name of the officer(s) at the scene, and the auto insurance information of the drivers involved in the accident. Unfortunately, many ridesharing drivers will not willingly supply this information. In these cases, your car accident lawyer can work directly with the ridesharing company to obtain all the information you need.


Your eyewitness account of the event is important. Working with a car accident lawyer to gather an eyewitness statement, while the events are still fresh in your mind can be critical when it comes to building a case. When you sit down with your car accident lawyer, it's important to describe what happened before, during, and after the accident happened. For instance, if your ridesharing driver was driving aggressively or distracted by a cellphone, these facts can help build a case against the driver and the ridesharing company.

Aggressive Negotiation

Once your car accident lawyer is able to build a case, they can begin to aggressively negotiate with all parties involved in the accident.


Many car accidents are ultimately settled by a team of lawyers representing the auto insurance provider. When your car accident lawyer works with the insurer, particularly when the accident involves a ridesharing company, the insurance policies can be large. If your car accident lawyer can make the insurance companies believe that you're willing to take the case to court, you can often command a much larger settlement.

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