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When Is It Best to Hire a Car Insurance Attorney?

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If you have incurred property damage or personal injuries from a car accident, you may need to talk to a car accident attorney immediately after the incident. Taking too long to contact an attorney could make you miss out on some legal advantages.  

When you suffer damages and injuries from an auto accident caused by another person, you can hire an attorney and pay a contingency fee. This way, the car accident attorney only gets paid after you're compensated financially through a trial or settlement. 

Hiring an attorney increases your chances of a higher compensation plan than making your claim by yourself. Below are some instances where it might be best to get the services of an auto accident attorney.

Your Settlement Is Lower Than You Deserve

Right after an auto accident, it may be hard to know the extent of the total damages. An experienced attorney can help you assess the medical expenses to ensure you get a fair settlement. It's crucial to talk to an attorney before accepting any settlement plan or contacting a third-party insurer. Any miscalculation and you could end up with little funds to cover all the immediate and future costs. 

Generally, once you sign a compensation agreement, you forfeit the chance to review or change the terms of your settlement. Having an attorney present ensures you don't sell yourself short.

You're Looking to Negotiate with Creditors

After being in a car crash, it may take you a while before you can resume work. The costs of repairs, medical treatment, and unexpected expenses on top of possible loss in wages could cause you some financial strain. Quite often, most claimants get into considerable debt as a result.

Your attorney may recommend informing your creditors about your situation. You can request for suspension on all payments for the period you're unable to work. Most times, creditors will agree and delay your payment plan.

However, your attorney may need to reach out to the creditors to confirm the details of the auto accident. If need be, agree to cover the outstanding debt with proceeds from your settlement.

You Need Legal Representation

Insurance agencies work with attorneys and adjusters who protect their interests to ensure the insurer pays the least amount possible in claims. Your attorney will lobby for your rights in negotiations with the insurer. More importantly, they can represent you in court if your case goes to trial. 

Your car insurance attorney will present your side of the story to the jury or judge persuasively. They can also educate you on your role, case progress, and answer any questions you may have about court proceedings.