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Reasons You Can Get Compensation Under The Wrongful Death Law

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When you lose a loved one in an accident or due to medical negligence, you typically aren't thinking of a wrongful death lawsuit right away. While it's painful right after losing someone, if you plan to sue for negligence or wrongful death it's best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible to get the process started.

It isn't just car accidents or workplace deaths that you can potentially receive compensation due to wrongful death, there are other reasons you can sue as well. Here are a few wrongful death scenarios where you can potentially get compensation for your trauma. Contact a lawyer to help see if you qualify.

Public Transportation Deaths

If your loved one was killed riding the bus, taking a taxi, or riding a train, it's possible you could sue for wrongful death. Your lawyer will need to prove that either the bus driver was negligent in their duties, for example, driving under the influence or driving too fast, or that the vehicle itself was in disrepair in order to win your case. The bus company itself can be sued for negligence for not providing a safe vehicle or for proper training and reviews of their employees.

A taxi company can be sued along with the driver if proper licensing of either the driver or the company can't be found, and the driver had been reported for bad driving before but wasn't retrained or fired. They can also be sued if the vehicle isn't properly maintained and because of such, an accident occurred causing death.

If your loved one was riding a commuter train, the company could be sued if there was an accident due to engineer negligence or improper care of the train.

If your loved died from a fall or accident inside the train, there could be compensation paid if it can be proven that the train floor was uneven and not repaired, or even if they tripped and fell on the platform, if your lawyer can prove that the company was at fault, you could sue the train company for wrongful death.

Freight Train Accidents

Along the same lines, it's possible that if your loved one was killed due to a freight train accident, whether because they were riding in a commuter train that was struck by a freight or at a crossing that was malfunctioning, it may be possible to sue for wrongful death and get compensation from the train company.

If your lawyer can prove that the signals along the rail line were not working correctly or that the freight was moving faster than the law requires over a certain portion of track and caused your loved one's death, you could receive compensation in the courts.

For more information, contact a wrongful death lawyer in your area.