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When A Mechanical Defect Causes A Car Crash

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A car uses a large number of working parts. Some of these parts are made by the auto manufacturer, while others are created by a third party. When a car is repaired, it might have additional parts installed that did not come from the original manufacturer. With all these parts, a single defective part could play a role in your car accident.

Accidents Caused By Defective Auto Parts

An auto part can break at any time and can cause the car to stop functioning properly. It might stop abruptly, and the car may lose the ability to steer properly or might not be able to brake. When a defective part affects the ability of a driver to properly control the vehicle, this can lead to the motorist crashing into another motorist. 

After a driver slams into you, this may lead to you holding the driver responsible. However, the driver might actually have not been negligent and was simply unable to control the car due to the defect. 

Parties Who Might Be Liable

The party who designed, manufactured, or installed the part might be responsible for the defect. The part might have been manufactured correctly but had inherent design flaws that would make it dangerous. Also, if the part was not marketed in the right way, those responsible for marketing it might be held responsible. The party responsible for marketing the product might not include the proper instructions.

The manufacturer could potentially be held liable for the accident. However, you will need to prove that the part was defective and also explain how the part defect contributed to the car accident. The manufacturer might have breached its own warranty. Even if there are no warranties that the manufacturer breached, there might be minimum requirements that a state forces a manufacturer to live up to. 

The Settlement

Once your auto accident lawyer has helped you identify who is at fault for the accident, the next step is to determine the damages that you have suffered. You will be entitled to compensation for any mechanical expenses and the loss of the value of your car. You won't want either car to be repaired right away because you will want them to be examined to determine the cause of the crash. You'll be entitled to compensation for any medical bills you must pay, long-term medical treatment, and any modifications you must make to your home.