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Tips For Getting Approved For Disability Benefits If You Have A Mental Illness

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Being diagnosed with a mental illness that prevents you from living a normal life can be both relieving and scary all at the same time. It can relieve you by having answers to why you act and feel the way you do, but it can be scary because it means that you are sick and may not be able to work anymore. If you are in this position and want to apply for social security disability because of this, here are several things you should know before you apply.

Getting approved is never easy, especially without the help of a lawyer

Most people that apply for social security disability will be turned down the first time they apply, especially individuals who do not hire attorneys for help. If you want to have a better chance of getting approved for disability compensation, you should hire a lawyer before you do anything else.

Proving mental illness is often challenging

When people have physical injuries and want disability benefits, it is not terribly difficult to prove the injuries exist and to get approved for benefits. The problem with mental illnesses is that they are not as easy to prove. There are no blood tests that will prove that a person is mentally ill, and the proof really relies on what a doctor thinks about a person's mental health.

To get approved for benefits, you will need to prove your case and convince the social security administration that you are truly ill and cannot support yourself as a result, and this can be extremely challenging.

A lawyer knows how to handle this

Lawyers who help people with disability claims know every detail of the process and how to handle cases like this. When a mentally ill person hires a lawyer like Todd East Attorney at Law for this type of help, the lawyer will begin by reviewing the person's medical history to find every detail that will prove the person truly needs help. The lawyer will create a compelling case based on these facts and will present it to the administration.

Additionally, the lawyer will fill out all the paperwork required for applying for these benefits. One common reason applicants are denied benefits is due to a failure to fill out the paperwork completely or correctly.

If you cannot work anymore because of the mental illness you have, you should talk to a lawyer. A lawyer will be able to help you determine how to proceed and can help you apply and get approved for the benefits you need.