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Optimize Your Potential Medical Malpractice Compensation

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If the doctor who has been treating you was negligent in some way that resulted in physical pain or mental anguish, you may be eligible to receive some compensation for your injuries. Hiring a lawyer to guide you through the medical malpractice legal process is the best way to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your pain and suffering. You can make it easy for your attorney to win your case and optimize your potential medical malpractice compensation using the following tips:

Take Progress Photos

If you have any physical injuries as a result of your doctor's negligence, it's important to take ongoing photos of the injuries. This will provide you and your lawyer with documented proof of the extend of your injuries, as well as how long it takes for them to heal. Consider taking photos of your injuries at the same time every day, even if there doesn't seem to be any healing progression. It's just as important to document stalled progress and regression as it is to address the overall healing process and progression of your injuries.

Maintain A Daily Diary

Another great way to prove you pain and suffering, and to provide your lawyer with detailed insight into your physical and mental injuries, is to maintain a daily diary that focuses on your injuries as well as your recuperation. Each evening, spend a little time documenting how you physically felt during the day, how much and what types of medication you had to take throughout the day, and your mental state in general.

You should also document any medical appointments, therapy sessions, and lost wages due to missed work that you're facing as a result of your injuries. Your daily diary should provide your lawyer with plenty of personal insight about your injuries and your recovery process so they can effectively represent you when dealing with the insurance companies and the court system.

Create A Document Portfolio

Creating and maintaining a document portfolio give enable you to keep all of your important paperwork in one place so you can easily present all of your written evidence to your attorney, insurance adjusters, and court officials whiles ensuring that nothing important is overlooked, left out, or lost. Use a three-ringed binder as a portfolio and include:

  • Medical bills and receipts.

  • Physical therapy schedules.

  • Psychological therapy meetings.

  • Medicine fees.

  • Lost wage documentation.

It's also a good idea to include any letters your receive from your boss at work, any doctors who treat your medical malpractice injuries, and any therapists you're working with.

Making use of these methods and techniques should make your lawyer's job a little easier so they don't have to put in as many hours to effectively represent you, which could potentially save you some money on legal fees when all is said and done. For more information, consider contacting an attorney like Robert Reardon to discuss your case.