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Injured In An Auto Accident And Wrongly Cited? What You Need To Do To Get Compensation

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If you were injured badly in an auto accident but the police mistakenly cited you for the accident, you should hire a personal injury attorney. If you are hoping to get compensation for the accident and you want a settlement, you need to prove that you were not to blame for the incident.

There are a few types of evidence the lawyer can get to help compile the case. First the citation will need to be dropped, and the truth of the accident revealed, so you can get the money you deserve. Ask your lawyer about the following things when you meet for a consultation.

Possible Video Recordings

Video cameras go undetected in a variety of places. If your accident occurred on a busy road, it may have been recorded by a local security surveillance system outside or even on an ATM machine at a bank. Even street lights have cameras, or in a residential area someone may have a home security system with cameras. Have the lawyer search the area for all of the potential video recordings that may have caught your accident so you can prove that you were the victim in the accident.

The Interior Black Box

A majority of vehicles on the road today have a black box inside. This is a data recorder that will have detailed information of what you were doing behind the wheel when the accident occurred. It can show how fast you were driving, if you had a turn signal or the brakes on and more. You may even want to go as far as getting a court order to get the data from the other driver's car. This can help your lawyer prove what you were doing while driving and what the other driver was doing. You'll have to get these right away before the vehicles are tampered with or sent to the junk yard.

If you need compensation for the accident to pay for your medical bills and because you aren't able to work, but the officers wrongly gave you the citation for the accident, you need help. The sooner you notify a personal injury lawyer, the sooner you can get started and the less evidence you'll lose. You don't want to spend the rest of your life paying for injuries that weren't your fault and dealing with the emotional stress, so talk with a lawyer like Seiler & Parker PC to get what you deserve.