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4 Things To Include In Your Separation Agreement

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If your marriage is ending, it is important to complete a separation agreement. This will allow you and your spouse to decide on key issues and avoid the possibility of a long court battle. By creating a binding document that clearly lists all aspects necessary to be addressed by both spouses, this can assist in getting the divorce quicker. By knowing the items that need to be included in the separation agreement, this can prepare you in advance if you are in this situation.

Child Custody And Visitation

If there are children involved when the marriage is ended, the spouses will need to determine who retains custody.  It's ideal to discuss this with the child and ask the questions listed below:

1. What parent do you prefer to live with during this time?

2. Do you want to remain in the same school district?

3. How much time do you want to spend with the other parent?

4. Which parent do you want to spend holidays with each year?

By involving the child in all of the final decisions, this will allow for a better outcome for the entire family unit.

Insurance Needs And Payments

Many spouses are on the same heath insurance policy because this may provide greater savings and better coverage. By working to keep the separation amicable, it may be possible to maintain coverage with your spouse, even when separating.

By listing this on the agreement and signing it, this will ensure you can keep your insurance coverage in place.

Division Of Assets And Debts

Listing who gets the family home and who pays the joint debt should be included in the separation agreement.  Additionally, if the house is going to be sold and the proceeds divided equally, this should be included on the agreement.

Be sure to determine how debt is going to be paid that is in both of the spouses' names. If you agree to divide debt payments, this should be clearly stated in the agreement to avoid any conflicts.

Spousal Support And Amount

If one of the spouses is required to pay the other one, this should be included. The amount of payment should be listed and the date it should be received should be included, as well.

Finally, ending a marriage is not easy, but working together to do so is the best solution for any couple who is divorcing. Be sure to retain the services of a family lawyer to help you with this process.

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